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“An experimental composer from Ireland, Stephen Roddy proves equally adept at crushing soundscapes as he does mysterious melodies.”

- Bandcamp New & Notable, March 2022.

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Data-scape: An Online Framework for Data Sonification

Project Description

I am currently working on an online framework for data sonification that draws upon my research in the field over the past 9 years. The prototype is being built to represent COVID-19 data. The final framework will be usable with a wide range of different data sources.

The initial aim of the project is to integrate a number of online resources for data sonficiation. The framework runs client-side in modern web browsers and uses the Fetch API for data acquisition, Apex Charts, d3.js and p5.js for interactive visualisation, and Tone.js for sonification. These elements are embedded with the React framework for stability and ease of use, with visual presentation managed through Bootstrap.

The system can also handle more advanced animations and interactivity (HTML5 Canvas & WebGL based) via the p5.js library which has also been integrated.

The framework provides a front-end alternative to purely visual dashboards and in it’s current state allows users to interact with graphs, sonifications and visualisations based on data from the current COVID-19 pandemic. This functionality will be expanded upon and improved over the next 12 months with the addition of more advanced and refined sonifications and visualisations.

You check in on the development of the platform and see it in its current state here:

Data-Scape - Multimodal Data Analytics for the Web


Javascript, React, ApexCharts, d3.js, Tone.js, p5.js, Bootstrap, Node.js JSX, JSON, HTML5, CSS, RESTful, API

Data Source for Prototype:

COVID-19 HPSC Stats Ireland - GeoHive Open Data Catalogue

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