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“An experimental composer from Ireland, Stephen Roddy proves equally adept at crushing soundscapes as he does mysterious melodies.”

- Bandcamp New & Notable, March 2022.

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Stardust Sonata - June 21st 2024

Stardust Sonata released on June 21st 2024 on cassette through Fiadh Productions. It is both a tribute and lament to David Bowie in ritual ambient form. The six tracks feature ambient soundscapes informed by Bowie’s work with Eno & Fripp on the first two installments of the Berlin trilogy: Low (1977) and Heroes (1977). Stardust Sonata forgoes traditional rhythm and percussion opting instead to play on the lamenting aspects of Low and Heroes, allowing a sense of rhythm to emerge naturally from the materials. Each piece uses digital analogues of classic tape manipulation methods, along with the biting distortion processes, granularisation and buffer processing, cavernous reverbs, and powerful time-stretching techniques to transform fully improvised electric guitar performances into fully realised pieces.

Cassettes available here: Fiadh Productions
Digital downloads here: My Bandcamp

Liner notes provided below:

From Dreams to Living Things II: Brawling Sparrows Brilliant Moon

From Dreams to Living Things II: Brawling Sparrows Brilliant Moon is the second compilation from Fiadh following on from last year’s From Dreams to Living Things. The compilation features tracks from over 50 Fiadh artists and bands including my own track Connemara Chaos which originally appeared on Jupiter. All proceeds from the record will be donated to Heartstone Sanctuary a vegan organic animal sanctuary in the North West of Ireland.

Cover Art by Mairead McGuinness.
Read more about the release on Ghost Cult.
Get the album through Fiadh Productions.

You can sample some of the tracks below:

Leviathan - Physical & Digital Release 2023

Leviathan was released in October 2023 on Fiadh Productions.

Listen Here:

You can listen to the album above and read about the concepts explored in Leviathan in the liner notes booklet below. It contains a detailed overview of the album along with in-depth notes on each track. There is also a limited supply of tapes available through Ratti Incantati .

Available here: