Sound, Music & Audio Production

I write and record music and Soundworks across a diverse range of genres and styles. My recent releases have explored the spectrum between the underground Synthwave and Darksynth movements. My output has been described as "quirky, odd, heavy" music that is "big and bold" and "not afraid of taking risks". My collaborative work has been described as “raw, rhythmic, primal yet playful” and “searingly powerful and a sheer joy to behold”. My work involves live performance, installation, data-driven music and sonification, guitar-based performance, electronic and experimental compositions and collaborations with dancers, choreographers, instrumentalists, and sound artists. I releasee music independently online and his concert pieces and live works are performed internationally. Recent performances include the Helicotrema Recorded Audio Festival in Venice, the Contemporary Music Centre’s Salon Series at the National Concert Hall of Ireland and Dublin Dance Festival's Embodied at the GPO and the Sonorities Contemporary Music Festival.

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