Idle Hands @ ISSTA 2014

Audio Fabric: Socio-sonic Textures in the Real World

This year’s Convocation examines the social impact of sound in the real world: natural soundscapes, music, technological sounds, mediated sounds, spaces, places and sites. Technology cannot be divorced from the interconnections with cultural output, social practice and aesthetics. We seek to contextualise all sound-making and its sciences and technologies. What is the societal impact of our artistic and technical practice with sound? How does our research and practice impact the wider community? Finally, given that our practice is, for the most part, financed by public funding, what is it that we are giving back?
The fourth annual Irish Sound, Science and Technology Convocation (ISSTC 2014) will be held August 28-29, 2014 at National University Ireland, Maynooth.

Concert 1- 20:00 Patrick McGlynn, “OscTar”
Stephen Roddy, “Idle Hands: A 31-part exploration of Irish
Unemployment from 1983-2014 in G major”

Fergal Dowling, “Manchester Material”
Hoyong Lee, “Mirage”
Massimo Davi and Monica Miuccio, “Portas do Sol”
Rosalia Soria Luz, “Superposition of Two Opposites”
Dafydd Roberts, “Entelekheia”