D.A.T.A Sonification with Fiona Hallinan, Stephen Roddy and Neil Smyth

Fiona Hallinan, Military Road Hetrodyne (2014)

Where: CTVR/CONNECT, Dunlop Oriel House, 34 Westland Row, Dublin 2

When: November 3rd 2016, 7pm

About the event: This Data event features the work of Irish artists working with sound and sonification, from customised musical scores for journeys to data-driven compositions and audio displays for the Internet of Things.
Fiona Hallinan will present Heterodyne, a recent collaborative project that scores roads and other journeys with original site-specific audio compositions. These scores are stored and made accessible through a location-based mobile application. Fiona is an artist and co-founder of the Department of Ultimology. She is currently a part of the Orthogonal Methods Group (OMG), a research group based at CONNECT, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications, that works in critical and creative tension with technology. Her work has been shown at Kerlin Gallery, IMMA, Mother’s Tankstation, Parsons Paris and Brown University.
Stephen Roddy will present on data-driven composition.
Stephen is an Irish artist working with sound and music. His body of work spans installation work, data–driven music and sonification, guitar performance, dance, theatre and electroacoustic music. Stephen holds a PhD in sonification and data-driven composition from TCD. His work explores how concepts of cultural and artistic authority shape and define sonic expression with a focus on embodiment. His recent work has been performed at the 2015 Helicotrema Recorded Audio Festival, The National Concert Hall of Ireland and Dublin Dance Festival’s ‘Embodied at the GPO’.
Neil Smyth will present on-going work developing a real-time audio-visual display of Dublin Bikes transport system data.
Neil is a Dublin based artist, composer and researcher. He holds an M.Phil in Music and Media Technologies from TCD. Previous projects include the design and implementation of a tangible interface for real-time performance and spatialisation of granular synthesis, and research exploring the use of audio feedback in touchless interactive systems. Neil is currently researching sonification and auditory display of Internet of Things data.

Source: http://www.data.ie/?p=2565