ISSTC 2014, Organised Sound Article and New Music

A musical piece of mine entitled "Idle Hands: A 31-part exploration of Irish Unemployment from 1983-2014 in G major” was performed at the 2014 Irish Sound Science and Technology Convocation in Maynooth
This years convocation was a roaring success full of great music, art installations and papers.

I've had a recent research article published in Organised Sound.
It focuses on the exploitation of embodied cognitive schemata in auditory displays aesthetics:

I've also finished up two new collections of music.

Overlord part I: The Glorious Rise of Terminus Abruptus has been described in review as "Electronic Rock".  That fits the bill for me.

Line-in:R is a set of Computer Music pieces and a Piano Minimalist piece that deals with more abstract themes through experimental means.